Student Life

Service Learning

Beyond this afternoon’s class, tomorrow’s test, or the coming thrill of college, life awaits—full of challenges and opportunities. As we help you build an academic foundation, we create opportunities to engage with ideas and perspectives beyond your own experience.
With the privilege of a great education comes responsibility, and one responsibility we take very seriously here is giving back to those who are less fortunate. As part of our community service requirements, every St. Timothy’s student must complete a minimum of 120 service hours in order to graduate, but students often far exceed that number. Each year St. Timothy’s students devote service hours to worthwhile organizations and causes in Baltimore, across the U.S., and around the world.
Our Frick-Bruce Program for Social Justice and Change provides college scholarship funding and support for senior girls as they design and implement social entrepreneurship projects that improve the lives of others at St. Timothy’s or in the larger Baltimore community.

Recent projects include: offering afternoon music programming for a public school with no art funding, creating a STEM club at a local school, creating murals that highlight themes of mental health and wellness, and establishing a honey bee colony at St. Timothy’s.