Class Notes & Class Secretaries

We have unbelievably impressive and accomplished alumnae and we want to hear about your recent milestones and achievements for our class notes in Verite Sans Peur. Please consider sharing family news, recent births, marriages, anniversaries, awards, educational or professional honors or accomplishments.
Notes Submission Guidelines
The Editor is committed to preserving the voice and writing style of each alumna but does reserve the right to edit all submissions, particularly for length.
  • Please limit notes for each individual to 75 words. If you’re a Secretary submitting on behalf of your class, please limit submissions to 1,000 words per class.
  • Your name, maiden name, class year, address and email should be included.
  • If you include others that you know graduated from the School, please bold their names and include their class year if you know it.
  • Please be specific and descriptive. Kindly write out proper nouns, including universities, institutions, departments, street names, months, etc. Ages of children should be in parentheses after a child’s name. For Class Secretaries Only: Alphabetize your classmate’s entries by current LAST name.
Photo Submission Guidelines
The Editor reserves the right to choose photos for inclusion based on available space. If you would like to submit a photograph to accompany your notes, please adhere to the following guidelines:
  • Photographs MUST include a St. Timothy’s School or Hannah More alumnae
  • Only high-resolution photographs will be accepted. All submitted images must be high-quality jpegs of at least 300 dpi. (Just because it looks good on your computer screen doesn’t mean it’s hi-resolution. A larger file size can be a clue, but not in all cases. The best way is to open up the picture in an image program and view the file properties. You don’t need a fancy program to do this; most computers come with a basic image editing program that will do the trick.)
  • Photo submissions should include the full name and class year of all alumnae pictured. Please include photo captions with as much information as possible.
Thank you again for agreeing to play such a vital role in this publication. We could not do it without you.

List of 5 frequently asked questions.

  • What is the deadline for Class Notes?

    May 20, 2024 is the deadline for Class Notes for the next issue of Verite Sans Peur.
  • When will I receive the Alumnae magazine?

    The next issue of Verite Sans Peur magazine will be mailed in the fall of 2024.
  • How Often are Class Notes Collected?

    Class Notes are collected once a year.
  • Does My Class Currently Have a Class Secretary?

    You can refer to the previous issue of Verite Sans Peur to receive the name and contact information of the Class Secretary that last represented your class. If no Class Secretary is listed, please contact Marilyn Potts in the Office of Development and Alumnae Relations at 410-486-7400, ext. 3032 if you're interested in volunteering. You do not need to have a Class Secretary to submit Class Notes.
  • How Do I Report a Deceased Alumna?

    To report a death notice, please email Marilyn Potts with the name of the deceased, the class year, date of the death and your relationship to the deceased. Where possible, please include the obituary. Deceased alumnae are also recognized in the "In Memoriam" section in Verite Sans Peur and names of the recently deceased are recognized at the Alumnae Memorial Service during Alumnae Weekend.
2023-2024 Class Secretaries 

STT, Class of 1945: Class Secretary Needed
STT, Class of 1950: Dorothy Bradford Wexler
HMA, Class of 1951: Mary Shoemaker Bleecker

STT, Class of 1952: Class Secretary Needed
STT, Class of 1953: Ann Higgins
HMA, Class of 1953: Sallie Kate Park
STT, Class of 1954: Class Secretary Needed
STT, Class of 1955: Amanda Duffey Rutledge
STT, Class of 1956: Stephanie Van Rensselaer Koven
HMA, Class of 1957: Dorothea Beall Lankford
STT, Class of 1957: Emily Preston
STT, Class of 1958: Hope Whitney Lapsley
HMA, Class of 1958: Sara Whiteley Stulga
STT, Class of 1959: Class Secretary Needed
HMA, Class of 1959: Class Secretary Needed
STT, Class of 1960: Patricia Hurlbut Jenkins
HMA, Class of 1960: Nancy Ringgold
HMA, Class of 1961: Barbara Kimmelshue Kearns
STT, Class of 1961: Class Secretary Needed
STT, Class of 1962: Wendy McCreath Argent-Belcher
HMA, Class of 1962: Mimi Leroy-Marler
STT, Class of 1963: Class Secretary Needed
STT, Class of 1964: Bettina Looram Burr and Alice Bryan Dehner
HMA, Class of 1964: Class Secretary Needed
STT, Class of 1965: Class Secretary Needed

HMA, Class of 1965: Lois Hyman
STT, Class of 1966: Elizabeth Jacobs Frazier and Eleanor Gibson
STT, Class of 1967: Class Secretary Needed
STT, Class of 1968: Strand Ordway Quesada
STT, Class of 1969: Kathleen "Kitty" M. Williams
STT, Class of 1970: Gete Bond
STT, Class of 1971: Tizzie Phillips Hatch and Charlotte Bacon Phillips
HMA, Class of 1972: Debbie Laughlin Moss
STT, Class of 1972: Ettadean Jackson-Hyman
STT, Class of 1973: Nanny Trippe and Eleanor Earle Mascheroni

STT, Class of 1974: Joan Ellis
STT, Class of 1975: Tracy Porter Combs
STT, Class of 1976: Lynne Berdanier
STT, Class of 1977: Class Secretary Needed
STT, Class of 1978: Vicki Schmidt Sporik
STT, Class of 1979: Dorothy Griffith

STT, Class of 1980: Class Secretary Needed
STT, Class of 1981: Cindy Daut Love
STT, Class of 1982: Carol Lackey
STT, Class of 1983: Mary Virginia Adams
STT, Class of 1984: Class Secretary Needed
STT, Class of 1985: Lucas McIntyre Moorman
STT, Class of 1986: Brooke Reid Roberts
STT, Class of 1987: Class Secretary Needed
STT, Class of 1988: Courtney Dillard
STT, Class of 1989: Kelly Taylor
STT, Class of 1990: Julia Whiteley Killian
STT, Class of 1991: Class Secretary Needed
STT, Class of 1992: Zoe Kontes
STT, Class of 1993: Class Secretary Needed
STT, Class of 1994:  A. Elise Allison
STT, Class of 1995: Aisha Wright-Burke
STT, Class of 1996: Evette Cooper Nelms
STT, Class of 1997: Kate Benjamin and Lauren Wright
STT, Class of 1998: Michelle Bilgera
STT, Class of 1999: Kirsten Gulbrandsen Chandler
STT, Class of 2000: Amy Porterfield Turner
STT, Class of 2001: Lily Moss and Caroline Langrall Tansey
STT, Class of 2002: Gillian Spacco Henry 
STT, Class of 2003: Erin Mez Burnett
STT, Class of 2004: Emily Weltchek Unger
STT, Class of 2005: Sarah Hopkins Carroll
STT, Class of 2006: Jayne Corso Kramer
STT, Class of 2007: Nadeline Fleischer-Pile
STT, Class of 2008: Sarah Bogart Cooney and Ruth Watkins
STT, Class of 2009: Class Secretary Needed
STT, Class of 2010: Catherine Bogart and Christina Sheffey 
STT, Class of 2011: Naa Adei Mante
STT, Class of 2012: Katherine Roe
STT, Class of 2013: Sydney Thomas and Jami Harmond

STT, Class of 2014 Olivia Cremen
STT, Class of 2015: Kateri Pelton
STT, Class of 2016: Tori Matus
STT, Class of 2017: Caroline Salim and Remi Ziegler 

STT, Class of 2018: Cammi Galley and Kimora Dimanche

STT, Class of 2019: Meg Bowen and Olivia Risser

STT, Class of 2020: Tiffany Mbeng and Samantha Windsor

STT, Class of 2021: Jada Johnson and Vivian Payne

STT, Class of 2022: Karla Behrendt, Eniman Imoke, and Zoe Taylor

STT, Class of 2023: Maeve Beyer